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Your event's attendees already stay in hotels and someone else is getting the commission!

Connect the HotelMap platform to your event business, automate attendee hotel booking and effortlessly reclaim the commission from your attendees' hotel stays.

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The full stack managed HotelMap experience

For organisers of global event portfolios who want to reclaim their millions in lost hotel commission.

Hotel contracting, registration integration, automated marketing, group booking tools and a state-of-the-art visitor hotel booking experience. All the tech plus a fully managed service.

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Keep 100% Of The Hotel Commission

For event management companies who want the best pay-as-you-use event hotel booking platform.

Optimise your hotel booking, maximise your commission, minimise your costs and deploy the latest technology without any development costs. Simply pay a small usage fee and then you keep all the commission.

Blend Your Hotel Booking Links

Essential if you contract your own hotels and receive multiple direct booking links.

Increasingly, hotels are developing their own direct booking links for the management of event room allocations. HotelMap Magellan unifies all these different booking systems into one supercharged hotel booking experience. Give it a try – it's pretty awesome!

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Monetise your event Content on Autopilot

Exclusively for publishers of online event and venue guides to automatically generate new revenue.

HotelMap Dynamo is perfect if you publish an online event or venue guide. Just add the Dynamo code to your content template and every time a user views an event, nearby hotel information will be inserted into the page automatically, generating extra money for you every time users book hotels for the event they were reading about.

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StaySafe HotelMap
for venues & events

Receive your FREE StaySafe™ HotelMap to add to your venue or event homepage by contacting us here:

Kick-start the restart

Take 30 seconds to see how to add a StaySafe™ HotelMap to a venue or event homepage and help get attendees back to live events.

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    Live Discounts

    Allow your users to see live discounts between the exclusive event rates and the hotel's market and travel agent rates.

  • 02

    24/7 expert customer service

    HotelMap never sleeps. We are available to support your customers 24 hours a day seven days a week.

  • 03

    147 currencies

    Localise, localise, localise. Ensure your users feel at home by always adapting to their currency.

  • 04

    34 Languages

    HotelMap adapts to your users' own language. You are now a truly global operator.

  • 05

    Live Blocks

    HotelMap allows you to have exclusive room blocks for your event and enables all bookings to be made live with your selection of hotels.

  • 06

    Post Blocks

    If you contract room allocations, switch to Dynamic Delegate Rates when the allocations sell out or expire 30 days before the event.

  • 07

    Group Booking

    Group booking is unique and essential in the world of event hotel booking. The HotelMap Groups application simplifies the management of group bookings whilst maintaining an obsession for compliance.

  • 08

    Registration Integration

    Connect HotelMap to your registration system to automatically verify hotel booking, include hotel promotion at the end of registration, or to drive automated conversations.

  • 09

    Automated conversations

    From registration emails to reminders that offers expire in 48 hours, HotelMap enables you to automate the conversation cycle and communicate in your attendee’s own language.

  • 10

    Integrated hotels page

    Your HotelMap code enables you to integrate the hotel booking within the event website. Your hotels page automatically adapts language, currency, latest hotel deals etc.

  • 11

    Perfect on All Devices

    Your attendees now multi-task on a complete range of digital devices. HotelMap ensures that your hotel booking is optimised for all devices, especially mobile.

  • 12

    Hotel Blocks: Allocations & Groups

    HotelMap has a number of tools for managing room blocks, from Hosted Buyer Groups to room block management with live connectivity to each hotel.

  • 13

    Live reporting

    HotelMap provides event organisers and hotels with a live performance dashboard. See your event's hotel booking performance, for all hotels, in one place.

  • 14

    Compliance and encryption

    HotelMap is obsessed with data compliance whether it be personal or payment data. We worry about this so you don't have to.

  • 15

    Consistent global platform

    HotelMap provides a truly global platform to support your event hotel booking regardless of the event location. Every venue and 97.2% of all hotels worldwide are now on the HotelMap platform.

  • 16

    Great Design

    Your attendees make their decisions about whether to book their hotel with you in the first few seconds. Beautiful and effective design is key.

  • 17

    All venues

    HotelMap is currently operational at 3,400 major venues worldwide, and thousands more smaller venues. HotelMap includes over 350,000 hotels worldwide.

  • 18

    Behavioural analysis

    HotelMap’s Behavioural Insights Team are constantly researching and analysing event attendee hotel booking behaviour to provide the most optimal and effective user experience.

  • 19

    All hotels

    HotelMap works with hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide, the unique Magellan hotel block booking technology is also compatible with all known hotel reservation systems worldwide.

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    Automate the marketing of your hotel booking campaigns by integrating your HotelMap account with third party advertising and remarketing networks.

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