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HotelMap™ features
Locate your venue
Place your venue on our popular, clear, full-screen draggable mapping, and show your guests all the best places in the area - for accommodation, dining and entertainment - along with stations and car parks.
Live hotel availability and booking
Your guests can see all nearby places to stay, plus live availability and guaranteed lowest rates. Bookings go straight into the hotel's own reservation system, and guests pay the hotel directly - usually on check-out.
Lowest rates guaranteed
With HotelMap™, your guests are guaranteed the best discounts and the lowest rates in the market. Our guarantee is simple... Book any hotel on and if you find the same package cheaper anywhere else online we will match the rate.
FREE London Cookbook (worth 14.99)
We will send an exclusive bonus gift to any guest who uses your map to book a hotel. Currently this is The London Cookbook, which retails at 14.99, but this will change from time to time to be our favourite book of the month.
On your map you will also find recommended local...
Dining Theatre Classical Music Popular Music Exhibitions Events Parking
As with all products we have no advertising, just honest recommendations by an in-house full time team of London experts; our own handmade mapping of London streets and neighbourhoods; our own network for booking London hotels directly with the hotel's own reservation system; and a genuine commitment to helping everyone have a great time when exploring London town.
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